Costa Crociere: cerca Stage hand e Corporate Travelling Chief Baker

Costa Crociere ricerca queste due figure professionali


  • Titolo posizione: STAGE HAND
  • Località: Onboard – NA NA (Principale)
  • Descrizione posizione:
  • – operating the entertainment stage equipment and scenery backstage, always keeping in mind that it is the property of the ship and is used under the control of the Engine Department.
  • – assisting Dancers, Singers, Artists, Musicians, Cruise Staff, Hosts/Hostesses and Lecturers, in other words all personnel who presents the various activities in the Theatre.
  • – preparing the technical equipment and checking the quality of stage preparation in such a way that they are suitable for the activity in question.
  • – reporting to the Stage Manager any and all problems concerning equipment.
  • – positioning and removing scenery on and off stage during the various shows.
  • – checking, especially before and after shows, that the dressing rooms, the various materials lockers, the staircases and the toilets backstage are kept clean and in order.
  • – from time to time operating a follow-spot or camera during the shows or travel talks, if not needed backstage.
  • – when the presence is not required in the Theatre during the day, may being called to help with the activities in the lounges and/or on the pool deck, according to instructions from the Head Technician.
  • – installing and removing special effects using all the safety precautions.
  • Requisiti posizione:
  • – High school degree.
  • – Experience in Theatres on land or on ships.
  • – Capable of handling mechanical and scenery installations.
  • – Good English knowledge. 
  • Istruzione: Diploma
  • Livello di carriera: Prima esperienza
  • Categoria: Entertainment
  • Contratto: Onboard




  • Località:Onboard – NA NA (Principale)
  • Descrizione posizione: Job Purpose

Manages all shipboard bakery operations to ensure all bakery line standards, including the pizzeria and the pizza product, are achieved and maintained within set budgets. The Corporate Travelling Chief Baker travels throughout the fleet to ensure the bakery food preparation standards, in cooperation with the onboard Executive Chef, are performed in accordance with Costa Crociere culinary manuals and recipes, HACCP and USPH guidelines, environmental and Workplace Safety policies and procedures, as required by food preparation manuals onboard the vessels and / or other business units as deemed necessary by the Company. S/he also provides general assistance to Corporate and Shipboard F&B Operations.


  • Key Accountabilities:
  • –  Engineering, presenting, demonstrating and monitoring quality assurance and product consistency of all bakery lines throughout all vessels. Distributing specifications throughout the fleet to ensure consistency. Coordinating with the shore side team to develop and schedule implementation of outlets, concepts, new dishes and menus.
  • – Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the bakery, pastry and pizzeria staff/operation and other related food production staff to ensure that their duties and services are carried out in accordance with the regulations and current instructions provided by the Company.
  • – Preparing, reading, understanding and answering a variety of business reports.
  • – Conducting inspection in all aspects of bakery preparation and related food storage areas on vessels for assessing compliance to established corporate standards, in accordance with Inventory policies
  • – Ensuring that all food items are being properly handled according to our HACCP Plan and U.S. Public Health Service policy.
  • – Assisting in the sourcing, hiring, interviewing and placement of bakery, pastry and pizzeria culinary crew  positions.  May act as a culinary consultant / liaison to Human Resources regarding hiring and sourcing of culinary talent.
  • – Training all bakery operation staff in how to follow standardized recipes, food grids and other SOP’s pertaining to the bakery area. Teaching basic preparation techniques in small incremental steps that is rigorously taught, evaluated and monitored on board.  Supporting bakery culinary training initiatives, monitor succession planning. Inspecting bakery station for pre-meal readiness and reviews performance to determine what additional training is necessary in order for the employees to fulfill their minimum job responsibilities.


  • Requisiti posizione: Requirements
  • – Degree in Culinary pastry / bakery arts from a recognized institution;
  • – Minimum 8-years of experience in various positions throughout the baker industry;
  • – Excellent English;
  • – Strong knowledge of all bakery techniques, bakery food items, bakery food preparation, presentation and preservation and bakery equipment.;
  • – Knowledge of quality control standards and practices;
  • – IT literate with good knowledge of Excel
  • – Excellent communication, organization, problem solving and leadership skills;
  • – Preferably, must have successfully completed U.S.P.H.S. course on vessel sanitation.


  • Apply today by sending us your CV to us.
  • Istruzione: Diploma
  • Livello di carriera: Quadro intermedio
  • Categoria : Kitchen/Culinary
  • Contratto: Onboard


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